My Homestead Life Community
My Homestead Life Community
Amber Bradshaw

Welcome to My Homestead Life Community

Join me in my Mighty Network

Who We Are

We are a family, in every sense of the word, working together to support one another towards a self-sufficient life. By removing our co-dependence on a system and others for our quality of life. Empowering ourselves through education and support from those walking the walk. 

Why You Should Join Us

There is nothing social about social media, it's about censorship, hidden agendas, and propaganda that big corporations want you to see, think, and hear. 

My Homestead Life Community is one place that we can join together, glean from each other, support one another, without control of big corporations or MSM. 

This is a safe place to share our knowledge and experiences with others who are like-minded. 

A Big Thanks

Thank you for your continued support to help grow our family. Keeping this an enjoyable place to be where we can learn from each other and grow as a community.